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A Passionate Producer and Artist 

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 R&B/HipHop/Country/producer/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Peigh Jones was born into a very talented family in Huntsville, Texas. Brought up in the church, some would say he was born with instruments in his hands, He began his musical journey by playing the guitar, piano, and drums at a very early age. Growing quickly in his playing skills, he then later began writing his own songs. It wasn’t long before young Peigh Jones, With a nearly full repertoire of instruments under his belt, started composing, producing, and arranging his own instrumentals upon which he began to grace with his tenor-ranged vocals. Producing for Leon Timbo, Lil Keke, Unity of Navasota and many more. While gospel was the formative background of his music, Peigh Jones developed a love for Hip-Hop/R&B Influenced by musical heavyweights like Drake,  Ronald Isley, and Prince, Kanye West , and Jay-Z. His focus ,with over sixty shows on average yearly, is bringing the substance of music back into the industry is the main reason for the sultry and tantalizing vocals and arrangements that you hear in his music.




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